MHAme Support Groups


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Mental health struggles for moms are more common than you think; 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression. Postpartum anxiety can also be a significant challenge for many women. Pregnant women with depression and anxiety and new postpartum moms struggling with emotional adjustment issues are also welcome to join our support groups.

It is important to support a new mother going through a difficult time and connect her to a caring community where she can feel understood! Support groups can promote personal well-being and healing. Studies show support groups can reduce stress, depression, anxiety and loneliness. Our groups are based on the Nonviolent Communication model (NVC), which involves listening to women stories, communicating, validating and acknowledging feelings and needs. The group facilitator guides participants in an easy process which ensures everyone has equal sharing time and that respect, empathy and confidentially is maintained. Come, connect and feel support of other mothers.


Frequently Asked Questions about MHAme's Support Groups


How much does it cost to attend an MHAme support group?

Nothing- our groups are open to all mothers and free of charge.


Why do I need to sign up in advance for an MHAme support group?

We also want the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you via e-mail in advance of the meeting and answer any questions we have. If you do not want to be contacted in advance, just let us know.


Who leads the support group?

Our groups are facilitated by trained volunteers. We are women and mothers just like you - many of us have experienced a PMAD in the past and want very much to offer our support, as other women also supported us through our own PMAD.

Our facilitators are not licensed therapists- we are here for peer support only. If anyone is in need of additional professional support, our role is to provide that person with resources for additional help before leaving the group session.


Can I bring my baby to a support group?

Yes. Babies in arms are welcome.